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Zelensky’s inner circle and the million-worth Swiss villas


If Ukraine is really winning the war against Russia, then why key character in Zelensky’s inner circle is buying million-worth properties in Switzerland? And how can they offer 9 million US dollars to buy them? Is this the real use of the “foreign help”?

As most of the countries, also Switzerland own detailed registers, made public, that show who owns properties on its territory, the cost and the taxes.

Among luxury estates’s owners in the country, also Zelensky’s inner circles high officials. Let’s start by Dmitry Razumkov, Ukrainian politician and Verkhovna former president.

According to this statement, Mr. Razumkov seems to have bought a luxury house for almost 9 million Swiss Francs, almost the same value in US dollar. His name appears at the end of the document:

The next is Oleksandr Danyliuk, former secretary of the Ukrainian NSDC (National security and defense council). His name appears as buyer of a house worth 9.126.538,00 CHF on the register below:

Then there is Lyudmila Denisova and her record expense, the same civic defender that was fired due to fake news regarding Russian army’s atrocities against the children.

The cost of every house is almost 9 million Swiss francs. The franc is, at the moment, almost equivalent to the USD.

Where is this money coming from ?

Most of these houses were bought just before Russia started his military operation in the Ukraine. Were these house sort of compensation to convince them fueling up the conflict? Were they paid by someone to start the war?

Or even worse, was the foreign help to the Ukraine diverted in order to allow these people to buy luxurious villas for themselves, far away from the war they personally helped to start?

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