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putin red square victory parade

Yesterday President Putin had his speech on the Moscow’s Red Square for the anniversary of the victory against Nazism and the “alleged” end of the Second World War. Important words towards not only the West, still filled by a terrible ideology of oppression and extermination, but also to the whole world. The focus was put on the importance of the millennial values that many seem to forget and which are worth to be fought for, not only to celebrate the victims of former wars, but also for the defense of the rights of a sovereign people that will never kneel down to these bloody logics, because, as President Putin made clear, “We will always defend ourselves”!!

“Last December we proposed to sign an agreement on security guarantees. Russia invited the West to have an honest dialogue, to look for reasonable solutions and compromises, to keep in mind each other’s interests. Everything in vain. Nato countries did not want to listen to us, which means that, in reality, they had completely divergent plans. And we saw it. Openly, preparation for another punitive operation in Donbas, for an invasion of our historical lands, including Crimea, were ongoing. In Kiev they announced of the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons. The Nato block started an active military escalation from the non adjacent territories. For us, an unacceptable threat that was systematically created, directly from on our borders”.

“Everything was pointing at an inevitable clash with Neo-Nazis, supported by the US and their partners. I repeat, we saw how the military infrastructure was developing, how hundreds of foreign consultants started to come and work ; there were regular deliveries of brand-new weapons from Nato countries. The threat was increasing day-by-day. Russia refused to decide for an aggression in a preventive way. It was a forced prompt decision, and the only one right. The decision of a sovereign country, strong and independent. We remind how Russia’s enemies created against us the international terrorist groups, looking to undermine national and religious unity to weaken and divide us from the inside. None of this was successful”.

“Especially after the USSR collapse, the United States started to speak about their exclusivity, in facts humiliating not only the entire world, but also their satellites, who had to pretend not to notice anything and obediently accepting everything. But we are a different country. Russia has a different character. We will never give up to our love for our Country, to the faith and traditional values, the habits of our ancestors, to the respect of all the people and cultures. And in the West, these millennial values, so it seem, decided to disappear. Such a moral decay became the base for the cynical falsification of the Second World War history, inciting to Russophobia, praising the traitors, laughing at the memory of their victims, erasing the courage of who won and suffered the Victory.

I want to address our armed forces and the Donbass militia. You are fighting for the country, for its future, so that nobody shall forget the Second World War’s lessons. So that there shall not be place in the world for murders, punishers and Nazis. Today we defend what our fathers, our grandfathers fought for: wellbeing and country’s security, independence of Russia. Today we bow our heads in front of the memory of Odessa’s martyrs, burned alive in the Trade Unions’ room in May 2014. In front of the memory of the elders, of the women and the children of Donbass, of the civilian victims of the cruel bombings and barbarian Neo-Nazis attacks”.

Dear fellows! Now, here, on the Red Square, soldiers and officials from many different regions of our vaste country are standing shoulder to shoulder, including those who arrived from Donbass, directly from the fighting areas.

Today, our multinational fighters are together in the battles, covering each other’s shoulders from bullets and shrapnels like brothers. This is Russia’s strength, indestructible strength of our united and multinational people. Today, defend what your fathers and grandfathers and grand-grandfathers fought for. For them, they highest life’s meaning has always been the wellbeing and the country’s security. And for us, their heirs, the devotion to the Country is the main value, as a unbreakable support for Russia’s independence.

Those who crushed Nazism during the Great Patriotic War are an heroic example for all the times. This generation of winners, and we shall always admire them. Glory to our valiants Armed Forces! For Russia! For victory! For Unity! Hurray!”

These the words of Russia’s president Putin
(Vladimir Putin, extrait from the official speech at the 9th of May parade of 2022 in Moscow, Russia)

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