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I am a journalist. I have been following since the past 7 years, most of the crisis, wars and calamities on this planet. I have risked thousands life, I have been jailed. At the beginning I believed I was fighting with the pen for a better world. And I am partly still convinced I did. But I did it in the wrong way, giving rise to some fake news and making the game of those powerful evil politicians. A lot of journalists, like me, think they are doing the right thing. They are blind.

As many have reported and written, in wartimes there is no space for free information. This is what we are witnessing since years, most of the times completely unaware. We live in a world that makes people believe, flaunting that freedom of expression that the West seems to be so much in love with but which is, in reality, nothing more than an abstract and fake perception of “liberal” journalists who, sometimes, really believe in it without even noticing that they represent and are doing the exact opposite.

I do not know whether before, when I was not born yet, a true freedom of expression was existing. As now, I really doubt it. Because, as we saw during the so-called “pandemic”, the mass-information system who developed in the past centuries is a pivotal weapon that represent a much more strategical role than bombs, drones and cannons. Pointing an accusing finger at something or someone, has a devastating power that can destroy lives, justify massive military invasions, occupations or change entire political systems. Presidents, businessmen, personalities, entire state administrations… Only few can resist such a bombshell, maybe finding the only way of resisting by fighting injuries with counterinformation. 

If Covid has brought to our knowledge the evidence that the world – in the past decades at least – has not only been at war on a military scale but also through information tools, what is happening today in the Ukraine or what happened just a few months ago in Afghanistan (among others), is nothing else but the clear evidence that we are living under a constant bombing of manipulated and fake whose goal is to transmit a precise and researched information to damage the alleged enemy or whoever tries to use his critical spirit or doubt of the true purposes of these actions. This is exactly what a information war looks like.

Western mainstream wants us to get used to see Russia China Venezuela or Iran (among others) as the worst enemies exactly for this purpose (not only finding a common enemy to justify some strategies): trying to brainwash the vast majority of the population to act undisturbed from behind the scenes. The Western world, alleged “true and only” defender of the human rights, that arrogant revolutionary free spirit, the worthless and hypocrite term of “liberté, egalité, fraternité”, is today censoring, putting in prison journalist with the charge of being spies, pretending that the information must be giving under clear rules overshadowing those international channels that are trying to oppose with a different vision the unilateral vision of those politicians in Brussels, Washington, Rome, Paris and London. Is this true freedom of expression? No. And we now know that is does not exist since decades and, maybe, even before, when there were no instruments to make this noticeable. The Western political establishment is at war. But this unprecedented amount of propaganda that has been put in practice since at least 3 years (surely since decades but in a much sneakier way) is the evidence of the leading class and the Deep State crisis in this part of the World. If there is need of censorship, it means that something must be hidden at all costs. Isn’t it logical ?

All these politicians, fake prissy-like liberals that have their goal-oriented and clear agenda and that, ironically, do not even hide so much their true nature, spreading around little information about their plans but hiding the true essence and blaming at the same time of “conspiracy theory believers” everyone that dares to guess their actions’ obvious consequences. Whoever supports the establishment is a model citizen, a little soldier that is playing the game of his demagogue that want him dead. Who reacts (and here it must be clear, only with words) is a threat and has to be slowly eliminated. Smashed.

I am a journalist. I have been following since the past 7 years, most of the crisis, wars and calamities on this planet. I have risked thousands life, I have been jailed. At the beginning I believed I was fighting with the pen for a better world. And I am partly still convinced I did. But I did it in the wrong way, giving rise to some fake news and making the game of those powerful evil politicians. A lot of journalists, like me, think they are doing the right thing. They are blind. Not only are they censored if they want to speak about some embarrassing and uncomfortable issues, but they are even reporting what some people want and how they want (making them believe that they are freely reporting what they found in the field). And today I am aware of it. I admit it: I have been part of this. Part of those people who, in order to eat and live, sell their souls to the devil, agreeing very low rates compared to huge risks, fearing to raise the voice, being abandoned in the moments of need. I was part of that journalists’ category who is just cannon fodder, very useful to get amazing material but worthless because they do not have a place behind a desk in an “important” mainstream media. And the system pushes these people to achieve that level. It pushes them to trying to get closer and closer to the power, to the most famous medias (and considered most reliable automatically despite being corrupted and controlled by the Deep State) because it’s prestige, because they are considered more serious, good and smart.

But then, as time went by, I opened my eyes. Some things were not going the right way. When I was proposing some topics, in some editors they were looking at me in a weird way, they were suspicious, they criticized me or laughed at me. They said I was believing in conspiracies. They said I “did not know”, they knew better. It was obvious that there were some controversies. Censorship was also happening because of people’s ignorance. Ignorance in the sense that they were not really understanding what was happening and that they were insisting to think like machines instead of using their critical spirit. This is something we often see among liberals. Thus, for the sake of eating, I kept my mouth closed for a long time, living the double life, fearing to lose my job, not to be paid, to lose support of everyone including friends, family, colleagues. Maybe this is my life’s path that has to cross these moments to teach me something. 

When the war in the Ukraine started, I finally understood that things could not go on like that. Videogames sold as real war videos on the Italian TV, Donbass victims’ portraits sold as recent Ukrainian fleeing civilians. Disgusting anti-Russian propaganda (using poor victims) and senseless measures with everything that was not in line with the fake “liberal and pacificist” European ideology, which touched the edge of ridiculousness with the Ukrainian flags spreading all over the place together with “peace” signs (Europeans and Americans that do not even have the intellectual honesty to shut it after looking at what they have been and are doing around the world, unconsciously and consciously with monetary institutions, underdevelopment, public depts not to even dare quoting wars, invasion, daily civilian victims).

I could not stay silent anymore. Going to the front in the Ukraine, putting my life at risk one more time to be censored, to make dirty propaganda. No. No. I could not take it. It was a feeling pulsating inside me always stronger until it became unbearable, and I could not sleep. “Should I stay or should I go?” I was telling myself. Newspapers and TVs were asking about me. I was happy because this means people were liking my works, which I always did with love, dedication, and professionality. 

But them, looking at the trash coming out in the West, I decided that I did not want to be part of this. It was too much. I will not hide it: going to the Ukraine, for me, it was meaning two things for sure which journalists like a lot: “money and glory”. Becoming a famous reporter, perhaps writing a book, increasing my Instagram followers. Heroic. Making tons and tons of cash. Maybe I could have finally put an end to my economic problems buying a house in the city I live in. Yes, but a house full of lies and blood. 

I repeat it, in the past I also did this kind of “hustler”. I do not hide myself: Poland, Belarus, Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan. I have traveled a lot. For me, Afghanistan has been a revelation. Not only because it is a country that I have followed for years and of which I am in dept love with since I have a close tie with it. But observing what happened last year shocked me. The idiotic Western propaganda drained me so much, that I really needed to hold myself (and I could not make it all the time) to say what I was thinking. I was attacked. But in that moment, I also realized that something had to change in my life. 

In this industry there are a lot of good professionals. Brave. Among my colleagues that are taking pictures and writing from the first lines, in particular. Not all of them are enslaved. But often they fear. Fears are many, from censorship to defamation or, maybe one of the central factors, the wallet. I understand them. You need a big motivation and courage to write what I am writing through these lines. Because, as people say in English: “There is no way back”. However, you feel better making a step towards the light and going a step further from darkness, which, like a tempting devil, tries to keep close to it. 

A dear colleague, and here I want to show a recent example, has been seriously threatened from authorities in an area of the Ukraine because an important Italian daily changed headline in the front page and an entire paragraph of his article with the aim of making propaganda publishing it. A very dangerous move, just because the newspapers need more clicks and want terrible fake news to make propaganda and gain support. Nobody has tried to worry about my colleague’s safety. If something would have happened to him, who would have moved a finger? It would have been his fault because he went to cover the war. And it would have been used by corrupted politicians to make a great state-funeral. Moreover, he did not know what to do. Dilemma. Should I stop or continue? Because if you lose the important newspaper, you lose prestige, money, work, visibility. Hero till everything goes well, but idiot as soon as things are getting the wrong way. 

Eventually, I hope that many of my colleagues, sooner or later, will become aware of what I have witnessed going around and talking to people. But for now, only this annoying ideology of the “look how human we are” is prevailing. 

Fortunately, things are changing. We know it. So it’s time to make a decision. Which side are you on? I chose! And you?

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