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Ukraine shuts direct gas to Europe

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ukraine stops gas to europe

Kiev says that due to “major forces” reasons Russian gas supplying to Europe will be stopped as today for a third of the total quantity, while Gazprom states that there are no such problems that could justify the move.

The Russian group Gazprom did not receive any confirmation of “major force” problems or other obstacles that would have stopped the transiting of gas through the regional junction of Lugansk, after the Ukrainian operator OGTSU announced that it will shut further supplying to Europe starting from today, the 11th of May, due to the presence of the “Russian occupiers”.

On Tuesday the Gas Transit Services of Ukraine (OGTSU) declared “major force”, stating that it is impossible to continue the gas transit through a junction and a compression station located in the area of Lugansk, Ukraine. Since the OGTSU personnel “cannot carry on the technological and operative controls” on the Sokhranovka junction and on the Novopskov compression station, the company cannot continue to fulfill its contractual duties it says.

The gas coming from this junction will not be accepted in the Ukraine’s transit system from Wednesday 7:00 AM , OGTSU said. Sokhrankovka represents almost a third of the Russian gas that transit through the Ukraine towards Europe – up to 32,6 million metrical cubes daily – according to operators.

Gazprom did not receive any “major force” confirmation or operational interruptions in Sokhranovka and Novopskov, the company’s spokesperson Segey Kupriyanov said on Tuesday, adding that the Ukrainian specialists have always had full access to both structures and anyone complained before-

Kupriyanov also said that Gazprom was informed from the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz that if Russia continues the supplies through the Sokhranovka, Kiev will reduce the volume at the exit point of the same quantity, actually confiscating the gas.

Even if the OGTSU proposed to redirect the gas to Sudzha, a junction located in the Sumy region and controlled by the Ukrainian government, Kupriyanov stated that this is “technologically impossible”

“The distribution of volumes is clearly written in the cooperation agreement of the 30th December 2019 and the Ukraine is well aware of it”, he said. 

Gazprom is fulfilling all of its duties towards its European clients, with all the transit services conformed to law and the contractual terms fully paid, Kupriyanov stressed. Moscow has continued the supplying of gas to Europe, including the transit through the Ukraine, regardless of the ongoing military operations and the embargoes against Russia imposed by the US and its EU’s allies.

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