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The true reasons behind the Shanghai Lockdown

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A strategical step towards the de-dollarization and the new euro Asiatic pole

Since almost 3 weeks, Shanghai, the richest and most populated Chinese metropole with 26 million inhabitants, is under an unprecedented lockdown which has never been enforced before, not during February-March 2020 in Wuhan, China.

About this, an article appeared on the Italian newspaper La Verità:

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As it is possible to see, even a non-aligned newspaper like Italy’s La Verità treats the topic as a new pandemic breakdown, with an actual spread of the Omicron variant that would have kneed Shanghai and become a challenge for all of China. Of course, we do know that this Omicron variant does not exist. And even if it would, everyone would admit that it would produce nothing more than normal cold-like symptoms. So, what is the reason, from a sanitary point of view, to impose a lockdown like the one in Shanghai?

The central issue that arises from the inside of the pandemic narrative is the following:

Covid-19 Resurgence. Why has China not achieved herd immunity despite the elevated vaccination rate?”

The author stresses that the same issue is happening now in Germany, Vietnam and South Korea. For us the answer is clear: people get sick because of the vaccine. And the false positivity through the PCR tests is only a way to cover this uncomfortable truth. It is not a case if Shanghai is, together with Beijing, China’s city with the highest vaccination rates. According to a study published in August ’21, in some areas of the country the vaccine rate drops even below 3%.

“…the highest vaccine rate has been found in Beijing and Shanghai, with 88.5% and 79.1% of the population being vaccinated…”.

The two elements that draw the attention here are:

  1. The resurgence of a Covid crisis come in one of the two cities in China where the vaccination rate is the highest. This follows the path that I explained in my book Apandemia (www.poliphylia.com) stating that this alleged pandemic had started spreading since the beginning from China, right because of the mass hyper-vaccinations, the true responsible of the respiratory diseases named as Covid.

  1. We should try to understand why only Shanghai has been hit from this alleged Covid coming back, even though Beijing has shown the same vaccination-rates or even higher, like Hong Kong (https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations?country=OWID_WRL). To answer this second question, it is important to focus on the source of this alleged Covid resurgence, shaped by the fact that the vast majority of the hospitalizations in Shanghai are all asymptomatic:

This is an extrait of the article The Inside Track, (Reuters), published on the 29th of March 2022, precisely when the Shanghai Lockdown just started:

The percentage of asymptomatic cases in the past 7 days was 1.6%”.

Unbelievable: with only 1.6% of asymptomatic cases, and with normal cold-like symptoms, China locked down Shanghai as never before, making it a ghost city and separating positive-tested children from their families, imposing (and this is something that has never happened in the world) like never before the forced hospitalization of asymptomatic positives.

We shall not forget that even the WHO, in January 2021, stated that Covid tests could not be used as a diagnostic method of its own without referring to present clinical symptoms. Thus, China has imposed this asymptomatic-people forced hospitalization against WHO guidelines.

All this means that the decision of the Chinese authorities has nothing to do with health measures: let’s just compare this 1.6% positive asymptomatic in Shanghai with the UK, where the past 24th of February the end of Covid has been officially announced and the full opening of social and economic life started since June 2021. Here, the percentage of positive asymptomatic of this alleged Omicron variant…has increased from 25% to 54%”.

The choice has been clearly political: in the UK, the enormous percentage of alleged positives to Omicron has been considered irrelevant; in China, a weak 1.6% Omicron positivity was enough to justify the death of civilians in Shanghai.

And here comes a question: why? The answers given by most of alternative columnists has been that China is bound to the strong Western powers and even if it looks they are at war with the West, in reality China is working with WHO and the globalist Deep State to start over again the global pandemic dictatorship and the Great Reset, which is connected to it. However, this interpretation loses consistence only with the fact that China, together with Russia, is since a long time committed to an historical process enhanced by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa): a new idea that would see a new BRICS pole, which started in 2013 to consider itself as an economic-financial alternative to the Western corrupted financial institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and moving towards a new finance based on the currency golden-equity restauration. The same whose ban by the US in 1971 has been the first cause to the enormous imbalances which degenerated in the 2019 financial crisis, avoided only thanks to the invention of the viral pseudo-Pandemic.

China, after all, is playing a strategic game to de-dollarize the world economy and has made a radical choice in matters of which field to stay, forming a long-term strategical alliance with Russia and other BRICS countries. The last Ukraine crisis has accelerated this process, as explained in this articles appeared on La Verità:

Here, key figures of the Chinese establishment make some statements like:

The inevitable and creeping de-dollarization process is going to be accelerated in the next years”;

Russia and other countries (China included) will build a parallel international order, competitive in Eurasia, including a parallel financial ecosystem which will weaken the international order supporter by the USA.”

Strong statements that, however, are expressing exactly the strategical choice made by China against the Western financial Deep State. This mean that the choice to lock Shanghai down cannot be a resurgence in the pandemic due to the Western strong powers’ Great Reset. If this would have been China’s purpose, why didn’t it enforce the same lockdown also in Beijing and Hong Kong, who have the same vaccination-rate and the same alleged asymptomatic cases as in Shanghai? Instead, Chinese authorities are simply collecting up to 8 million Covid-test samples every day in Shanghai, necessary to generate as more asymptomatic positive as possible, without doing it neither in Beijing nor in Hong Kong. Why then choosing Shanghai despite the asymptomatic rate being so irrelevant?

In my opinion, and this is the central thesis of this short essay, China has in reality taken advantage of the global pandemic narrative promoted by the strong powers in the West, in order to strongly hit, with a genius move, those financial- strong powers that are today sided with Biden’s America. I will explain.

The choice of closing down for an indefinite period of time Shanghai with the excuse of an irrelevant epidemic, both in numbers and symptoms, it is linked to the role played by Shanghai in the global economy.

Shanghai is the outpost of the Rotschild & Co. in China:

One of the main developments of this year has been the invasion of Shanghai from Wall Street, despite the constant commercial tensions between the United States and China …. JP Morgan, the US investment bank, is completing the buying of 1 billion dollars to hold the full control of one controlled by the fund’s manager. This has happened after a similar move was done, last March, by its rival Morgan Stanley. Even Blackrock, the global fund manager based in New York, has received the green light last August to manage a fully controlled fund”.

The CNN also give a complete panoramic stressing the importance of Shanghai for the Western economical-financial powers related with the Khazarian mafia cartel and the globalist Deep State:

By the end of 2021, more than 800 multinational companies created new regional or national headquarters in Shanghai…Among these, 121 are Fortune Global 500 societies like Apple (AAPL), Qualcomm (QCOM), General Motors (GM), Pepisco (PEP) and Tyson Foods (TSN)… More than 70.000 foreign-owned societies have offices in the city… Volkswagen and General Motors both are managing factories in Shanghai… Shanghai is also hosting the first Tesla (TSN) Gigafactory in Asia… In January, Ford launched its sixth global design center in Shanghai… Other factories are including also the pharmaceutical companies… Last October Astra Zeneca opened a global Research & Development center in Shanghai”.

It is obvious that Shanghai represents Western financial powers (Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan) and industrial’s (automotive, IT, grocery, pharmaceutical) most essential hub to penetrate China. If the project to build a parallel and alternative economical-financial ecosystem to the “American” one must succeed, China must break free from Western financial multinational suffocating oppression which sees Shanghai as its hub.

Thus, the long-term Shanghai lockdown and its brutal impact on the Western financial-industrial system reaching its real goal is also confirmed by CNN:

But the Covid restriction forced a lot of factories to suspend their activities in Shanghai and Kunshan (Shanghai suburb), threatening to stop the main cars and IT supply chains. Volkswagen and Tesla plants in Shanghai have been closed for weeks… Pegatron, a key Apple (AAPL) supplier, suspended its production in the Shanghai and Kushan plants until further notice”.

The interruption of the main cars and IT supply chains is a hard blow for the Western economy, which gets harder with the less gas and cereals supplies coming from the Ukraine and Russia.

But there is another goal for this great criminal Judo move realized by the Chinese against the US Deep Economy’s enemies: favoring the development in Hong Kong as the first Chinese economic Centre:

Many in the West consider every step to increase the importance of Shanghai would mean inevitably the opposite for Hong Kong”.

Actually, Hong Kong is another big international Chinese economic-financial hub, which has a great advantage: if Shanghai was always worrying more about financial institutions and Western multinationals, Hong Kong was freeing itself from the UK-control (City headquarters and the Rotschild &Co. power hub) and was coming back in full control of the Chinese. That is why China is preferring to focus on Hong Kong for the future:

Hong Kong … has the advantage that the money can easily be moved inside and outside the special administrative region. Its future is also pending on its ability to be a key hub of the Chinese Greater Bay Area of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao and it is designed to become one of the world’s most dynamic areas over the next decades”.

Thus, with the Shanghai lockdown China has killed two birds with one stone: from the one side it is getting rid of the bulky and massive presence of the Western financial-multinational strong powers in the country, exactly in a moment when it has to eliminate every kind of domestic resistance to the project of the new BRICS-made financial economic system based on gold; on the other side it is prioritizing the launch of the Hong Kong-Guangdong-Macao area as a central hub of the new BRICS-made economy.

And it is using the same weapons utilized by the Western pandemic strong powers: they know very well that the Shanghai crisis has been created ad hoc by the Chinese government and that it has nothing to do with sanitary problems. But they cannot say a word in this regard because they did exactly the same thing for 2 years in Europe and in part in the US. So, by revealing China’s trick, theirs’ would be disclosed as well. China knows it very well and decided to use this way to hit the westernized Shanghai knowing with certitude that no one in the West would dare saying anything!

The realization of the project of the new BRICS-made global financial system would finally give China a new central role in the international chessboard. The fight does not have to be only with the geopolitical supremacy, but also with the financial structuring of the future economy, and this is a struggle to death which is worth, for its importance, to the temporary sacrificing of a city. Let’s not forget that, as revealed by many hacks, Clinton stated that the true invasion and consequent destruction of Libya was exactly to destroy the Khadafi project to build a pan African bank with a gold-based African currency. The Rotschild band and the US Deep State cannot allow the de-dollarization of the world, which would mean the inevitable result of the birth of a new financial system based on a permanent value like gold. Who would accept fake coins from a money printer, the one who generates today worthless dollars and euro papers when valid golden coins would circulate? The BRICS project is the starting point of the end of the Central banks’ global empire, the end of the Khazarian mafia (Rotschild, Rockfeller & Co), together with its Deep State annex, who runs it.

The Shanghai lockdown thus is a decisive step of this potentially revolutionary project (with all the limits of the involved political regimes, like the Chinese one – but nothing in life and history was always compleety black or white).

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