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The ‘Free’ Hypocrisy of the Western Media: Rupert Murdoch


The “freedom of the press” they speak of is only valid for organizations that will repeat their own narrative.

The development of the Internet and, accordingly, communication technologies resulted in the expansion of the scope of “information warfare” as well as the great advantages it brought.

Giant media outlets, countless news portals and social media platforms… All these have greatly accelerated and diversified people’s access to information. Now, every person with internet access can follow what is happening anywhere in the world with a single click.

This “freedom” is largely presented as the medium of freedom of the new age. Of course, this freedom is valid as long as it stays within the boundaries drawn by the U.S. and the elites who control the media for its interests.

To put it more simply, imperialism makes a special effort to keep its monopoly established in the media and information field, as in all other fields, without an alternative. When an alternative emerges outside of the countries under its command, it quickly attacks. The biggest weapon he used in this attack is of course “democracy and freedom”.

One of the most important representatives of this hegemony is Rupert Murdoch. Let’s say at the beginning what we will say at the end, if the organization you are reading today has a connection with Murdoch, it means that the news has been prepared directly or indirectly according to the interests of Murdoch and the class he represents.

Rupert Murdoch example

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian media boss and shareholder of News Corporation, based in New York, United States.

Murdoch, who started his career with newspapers, magazines and television in his native Australia, expanded his company to British and American media and became one of the most important and wealthy media owners in the world.

Murdoch and his media empire are campaigning against China, using the media as a political weapon. Murdoch, who owns several major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Sun, The Australian and Fox News, uses his media power as a weapon against China. Moreover, in doing so, it describes China as an “anti-freedom” and “oppressive” country.

This, in turn, leads to the formation of a series of diplomatic tensions, especially in Australia-China relations. Contrary to the media climate of “oppressive” China, 70 percent of the “free” print media in Australia is in the hands of this capitalist media mogul.

This means that in organizations such as Sky News Australia, Australian News, Net and The Australian controlled by Murdoch, news about China is shaped not by facts but by political motivations that come from Murdoch’s ownership. Moreover, this fabrication is repeated not only in Australia, but also in most broadcasters Murdoch has penetrated. Well, isn’t this a contradiction for Western countries, which do not drop the concept of “freedom of the press”? No. The “freedom of the press” they speak of is only valid for organizations that will repeat their own narrative. From the very beginning, this is what they openly advocated.

In other words, it is no longer a secret that any step China has taken as a sovereign country, from China’s political system to the concept of socialism itself, from China’s Uighur policies to its technological moves, these steps have been manipulated and the masses have been misled in favor of the western imperialism. There is a myriad of misinformation about China being spread by the Murdoch media. The claim that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, the claim that China interfered in the elections in Australia, the alleged forced labor for the Uighurs and of course the allegations of “technology theft”… When the source of all this news, even the source of its sources, is examined, the footprints will lead you to a broadcasting organization where Murdoch is its boss.

This is such a manipulation that the anti-Chinese lies produced under the leadership of a right-conservative media mogul like Murdoch become the biggest arguments of individuals and organizations that define themselves as “libertarian” and sometimes even “leftist”. This is actually a great contradiction, but this contradiction is one of the main characters of Western hypocrisy.

Apart from such political motivations regarding China in the West, those who want to obtain factual information will certainly have a hard time. Because in the Western media, including Murdoch, the Chinese narrative is completely surrounded by political motivations. The West is trying to reflect the monophony it created through figures like Murdoch as a “Chinese policy”. At the same time, Western social media giants are busy “labeling” Chinese media. While “state-controlled media” has now become a negative connotation, writing for the interests of right-wing-capitalist media boss like Murdoch has become “free media”.


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