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New data confirms: Vaccine treatments foster pandemic longevity

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Thursday the 28th of April, a court of the court of Padua, Italy (Judge Dott. Roberto Beghini), accepted an appeal of a health operator who was suspended for not having agreed to get the Covid vaccine. In the provision, the Court stressed the irrationality of Italy’s vaccine mandate for health operators and its non-effectiveness to prevent the infection defining the vaccine protection as “zero”. Here we publish a new stunning research based on datas.

A detailed survey for Database Italia by “Pietro Bracco”, Systems Engineer dealing with business intelligence and data analytics for an international company.

On the 21st of April 2022, the Italian health institute Istituto Superiore della Sanità (ISS) published a study supporting the thesis that the alleged vaccine would have saved 120.000 human lives.

We already denied that article, showing how it was using simple mathematic calculation based on the unawareness of the real nature of the pandemic. We also showed how the results of this research clashes with the African countries’ datas where, with very low vaccine-rate and without lockdown, infection rates and mortality were always at a lower level based on a factor 100, compared to the highly-vaccinated Europe.

Now we can also show another side of the strategic failure of the mass genetical treatments. Using official datas available thanks to https://ourworldindata.org/ we will compare the actual health status of the most advanced European countries and we will relate them to the used intensity of the treatment’s campaign.

Health status in the main European countries

Health status, compared to the pandemic, is described with 2 indicators calculated with the most recent date possible.

  • An index of cases or daily cases (flexible average to 7 days on a Million population)
  • A Daily fatalities index (flexible average to 7 days on a Million population)

These two indicators give an idea of how the pandemic is still active.

Datas are well represented in the following histogram:

Intensity of the (alleged) vaccination

In the same countries, let us consider how intense has the treatment campaign been with improperly used drugs defined as vaccines.

The situation is, again, illustrated from further histograms.

At a first glimpse we can notice that there is a strong similarity between the two lists, showing how the countries where the pandemic is still mainly active are the ones where the treatments are the most intense.

This impression needs, however, to be supported and corroborated in a clear way in order to be mathematically quantified.

Correlation between infections’ treatments and deaths.

To do this, we will use a very common statistical index that is able to measure how much our assessment is funded: we will use the Pearson correlation index. In brief, its goal is to measure if examining a serie of datas in 2 variables, it it possible to determine a linear connection between the two and to quantify its strength. The correlation index “r” assumes the value between -1 and +1. Its interpretation is the following.

  • Perfect: If the value is close to +/- 1 it means there is perfect correlation: positive when both variables increase at the same time (if positive) and negative when the opposite happens.
  • Strong: If the coefficient’s value is between +/- 0.50 and +/- 1 we speak of a strong correlation.
  • Moderate: If the coefficient’s value is between +/- 0.30 and +/- 0.49 we speak of a moderate correlation.
  • Low: When the value is between +/- 0.29 and 0
  • No correlation: When the value is zero

Now we will calculate the correlation index between the given drug doses (vaccine) and the two index that measure the actual pandemic intensity using the datas of the main European countries.

What can we await from this ? If what the official narrative says -broadly supported by the ISS and from different governmental administrations- would be true, we should see a reverse correlation between intensity of the “vaccination” and the intensity of the pandemic. In other words, we should have a negative value on the Pearson index, with a number closer to -1 when the “vaccines have been effective”. So, the more the vaccination rate is elevated the less intense should be the pandemic.

But already looking at the histograms, our assessment is different, even though an impression is not enough.

Here we report the indicative values that we use, taking them from https://ourworldindata.org/, so being the same values represented in the above mentioned histograms.

For every country it is indicated the following:

  • Percentage of population with 2 doses of vaccine (The alleged complete vaccination)
  • The percentage treated with a Booster.
  • The number of doses which is given on average per 100 inhabitants
  • The daily infection indicator (per Million of inhabitants)
  • The daily deaths indicator (per Million of inhabitants)

Now, let’s calculate the correlation index between the treatments and the effects.

The result is confirming our first assessment. Not only there is no negative correlation between treatments and infections but there is a general strong positive correlation (the adjective strong has precise mathematical meaning as we saw before).

The correlation index is particularly strong between the number of given doses and the number of infections. This data is a real paradox because it mathematically corroborates that the more people are getting the vaccine, the more the infections are persisting. This is the exact opposite of the official narrative.

The other surprisingly high index (0.73) is the one between the Booster and the infections (Cases). This is another data we could guess observing the dates on table 5 of the weekly ISS reports that are showing how, the infections being considered, the third dose would worsen the situation for all the ages.

The lowest index, only a figure of speech, is the one between the percentage of treatment with 2 doses and the deaths. Its value, 0.49, remains nevertheless worrying since it shows a positive connection between the two variables from moderate to strong .

In general we can assess that there is a strong correlation between the vaccination and the actual mortality rate conferred to Covid and an even stronger correlation with the actual infection rate.

The portrait of a (guilty) disaster.

These statements are nor impressions nor hypothesis, but they are simple measurements based on real datas. Whoever wants can repeat the same calculation and the countries’ list can be made even longer.

We wanted to take the biggest European countries on purpose, with similar populations and conditions, to avoid every possible speculation based on instrumental index like the average age of the population and others.

What come out is the portrait of a very severe damage done on the entire population and which is deploying throughout time making the epidemic to never stop. Everything gives clear evidence that all this would have already been solved since time if tackled according to normal procedures: cures and competence and experience of many good doctors, many of whom have been prevented from accomplishing their mission just because they were saving many people and telling the truth.

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