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NEMESIS : Russia uncovering Ukrainian Nazis

by Filippo Rossi
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Nemesis nazi uncovered in ukraine by Russia

A Russian-made website, with a name that reminds Soviet Union’s victory over fascism in 1943 Stalingrad battle and the consequent defeat of the German Wehrmacht, is giving details over Ukrainian nazi movements and characters, also uncovering foreign military trainers. A mortal blow for Ukrainian nazism.

When Adolf Hitler launched operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union during WWII, his goal was not merely a geopolitical one to conquer Russia but behind it there was a clear genocide-based ideology. Hitler’s wingmen used not to hide this idea, like top general Martin Bormann, who repeated Hitler’s words by saying: “Slavic people have to work for us. As far as we are concerned they are not of interest for us. They can die”. Wehrmacht’s general Franz Hadler also add: “The war against communist Russia will not be fought with chivalrous manners. There are racial differences that will impose an unprecedented use of brutality and violence …”.

These are words that show how still today, Nazism and fascism plague in general and the Ukrainian one in the close actuality, is representing a big threat for Russia, who seems to remind the ghosts of the past. Not only Jews, but the vision of the German racial superiority was also targeting eastern people. Knowing this, Russian FM Lavrov’s words are not surprising at all, when he talks about Western-funded and nazi-led biological laboratories in the Ukraine and their researches aimed at creating lethal weapons to exterminate Slavic people. Nazis that, as we know, are nothing but international Zionism’s puppets (proven also by the direct help brought to the Nazi Azov battalion by Israeli mercenaries).

Hitler’s project of exterminating and dominating was based on British Empire’s models. How could Great Britain subdue an entire continent like India with just a handful of men? But fortunately in Stalingrad, in 1943, his brutal advancing, his ideas, were stopped by providence and by brave Russians who died. The Russian retreat was the beginning of the end for this evil’s kingdom. Stalingrad and Soviet Union became then Nazism’s NEMESIS.

And with the potentially dangerous situation in the Ukraine today due to the presence of tens of extremist battalions connected to the Nazi ideology, Russia, reminding its past, invented a new method to unveil and publicly unmask Ukraine’s Nazism members. Everything is published on the NEMESIS website (https://nemez1da.ru/ accessible with Russian VPN ). On Telegram there are already groups publishing pictures of people who are part of these movements. So it is described by the website Bitchute (https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZpBLNQ3LLKgh/):

“The data of the identified Banderists are made publicly available. There are dozens of Nazi gangs and Ukrainian special forces in the database. Disclosed information about NATO instructors and mercenaries from the former Soviet republics. Provocateurs involved in telephone and network terrorism have also been identified“.

The website Nemesis is very detailed, giving all the information about Nazism in the Ukraine and publishing investigations, characters and history, bringing to light a plague that most of the people thought was non existent but which is of great actuality. And on the top of all, it dedicates an entire section to Western and Nato trainers and people who participate in this crime belonging to these extremist groups.

Who can still say all this is fake?

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