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putin lukashenko bucha massacre disclosed uk forces

Luca LaBella, PhD.

A month ago, the 6th of April, I published an article ( https://www.databaseitalia.it/esclusivo-mi6-e-forze-speciali-britanniche-in-ucraina-dietro-la-macchinazione-di-bucha/ ) only a few days after the setup of the alleged Bucha killing, in which I revealed the exclusive involvement of the MI6 British special forces in this mediatic anti-Russian “blitz”, writing:

“It came to our knowledge that the SAS, together with active MI6 agents (British military intelligence services) were the architects of the preparation and the setup of the so-called Bucha’s mass-murder and more”.

Information which are now confirmed even by Belarusian President Lukashenko, who transferred all the collected documentation to the Russian FSB on the 12th of April ( https://www.askanews.it/video/2022/04/12/putin-con-lukashenko-il-massacro-di-bucha-%c3%a8-una-fake-20220412_video_17133996/ ) disclosing a few days ago all the information showing the details and stating that the Bucha provocation was organized by the British intelligence, who arrived in Lviv.

“Stop lying. You are wrong in quoting the Bucha example. We know who organized the propaganda that happened in Bucha. There were mainly Brites who came to Lviv by car. We took pictures in Bucha and we spread them in the information space”, said Lukashenko.

“I know what it has been done. Thus, it is not necessary to speak about Bucha”, he added.

The same propagandistic strategy has been used also in Syria, where Assad was accused of suing chemical weapons against the rebels. According to some Syrian refugees, based both in Jordan and Turkey, the so-called revolution was not started by Rebels after Assad’s forces agression, but someone was behind this. Always and only Fake News, spread by the international Mainstream to justify massacres and coup d’états to overturn international geopolitical assets. Very soon all the truth about the Ukraine and the NATO involvement in this decades-long conflict will be disclosed like the heavy-weapon supplies made by Italy that hid the lists with the detailed shipment using the excuse of not willing to give the Russian enemy an advantage. Weapons sent by Italy and found by Russian troops in the Donbass, like 5km-range Mortars (with details written in Italian on them), for sure not for defense purposes. To this we can add the ammunition boxes full of grenades found in the OSCE building in Mariupol, Ukraine, abandoned from the Ukrainian personnel together with other offensive weapons to support the Ukrainian army. Italy, actually, does not want Peace but is fueling War, like in Davide Zedda’s article : “Presentata interrogazione parlamentare per questi fatti gravissimi “( https://www.iltempo.it/adnkronos/2022/04/29/news/ucraina-granato-misto-armi-da-italia-a-osce-a-mariupol-presentata-interrogazione–31388231/ )

I finish by wishing that Archangel Gabriel, protector of all the communicators and messengers of our days like journalists, bloggers and writers will bring the discernment to whoever has chosen to work for the darkness. Gabriel however, is much more than this: it means God’s power. A power that can be an example for everyone.

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