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Letter to the Editor: It is Military Intel Personnel that Made and Funded the Virus


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In response to a flurry of comments made under an article The Exposé’s Rhoda Wilson published a couple of days ago, a reader writes that he believes these comments provide proof that a military psyop is indeed occurring.

“It is the military Intel people who made and funded the virus,” he writes. “So of course, military Intel people would plant seeds” saying there is no virus.

In his letter, he takes us through his thought processes and why he came to this conclusion.

To The Exposé,

Denial of Existence

If you deny that viruses exist, then you deny that whole “virus vaccines” exist. So, you deny:

  1. The Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, which is made from live SARS2, which is killed with beta-propiolactone.
  2. The Chinese CoronaVac vaccine, which is made from the whole active virus SARS2 in green monkey Vero cells (kidney cells) and then inactivated with beta-propiolactone.
  3. The Indian Bahrat Biotech (BBV152) vaccine, which is made from growing living SARS2 and killing it.

More details are in: UK Medicine Regulator confirms COVID-19 is Man-made & the Vaccines were created using Computer Generated DNA

These vaccines are made by growing SARS2 virions (whole virus particles) in green monkey Vero cells (using their replicating machinery) and then killing them. Viruses do not have replicating machinery. They hijack the machinery of a host cell in order to replicate.

The “no virus” theory is an obvious psyop designed to make anti-vaxxers look like science deniers. When we are science acceptors and the vaxxers are the science deniers

Once you have the genetic code of a virus you just feed it into a cell and it hijacks that cell to make more copies of the virus in addition to the cell components. Cells can obviously make DNA and RNA and proteins and put the one inside the other, for that is how they replicate. Unless of course, you deny cell replication too.

The best way to spot a psyop is to use the existence and uniqueness argument of pure mathematics. It goes like this: The Intelligence services are doing something to damage the anti-vax camp (existence). And the most distracting and damaging thing in our camp is virus denial, which is designed to make us all look like flat earthers with massive tin foil hats.

THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT THE COMMENTS BELOW THIS ARTICLE LOOK LIKE. They are a massive turn-off for anyone with any understanding or love for genetics – which is an incredible subject (although I personally prefer pure maths).

Since this is the most aggressively and consistently pursued and damaging attack that is presently mounted on The Exposé (from an information standpoint), it is a psyop (uniqueness).

Intel people ARE doing something. THIS, the comments below this article, is what is the most effective thing that is being done. Therefore, Intel people must be doing it.

I must congratulate Rhoda for proving it by eliciting these comments.

It is military Intel people who made and funded the virus. Infowars is covering that in great detail with Dr Peter McCullough TODAY. See: Why COVID-19 Mass Vaccination is a Military Operation

So of course, military Intel people would plant seeds saying: “Nothing to see here folks. There is no SARS-CoV-2 virus, we made nothing. Furthermore, there are no viruses at all. Nobody made anything. Nothing was made.”

The main tenet of Intel services until this century was to DENY THEIR OWN EXISTENCE. They are a SECRET SERVICE. So, denial of existence is their modus operandi OBVIOUSLY.

One might say of Intel people that denial of existence is in their DNA (Hahaha).

Hence, they are the totally obvious candidate for denial of the virus’ existence.

Matthew 27, Mark 15, and John 19 say that soldiers braided the crown of thorns and they spat on Jesus.

I interpreted this, and The Exposé published it earlier this year, as meaning that the US military gene spliced (double-helixed) the coronavirus of spike proteins and then infected Christians (the body of Jesus) with it. I said it was the last abuse meted out to the Christ before Crucifixion.

St Paul said: “Let God be true though every man a liar” (Romans 3:4).

God called this one correctly 2,000 years ago. What I would like to see, rather than doctors losing their licences for telling the truth, is intelligence operatives losing their 00 status and their jobs and being banned from any intelligence activities for 7 years for telling destructive lies.



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