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Iran, from demonstrations to terrorism. Tehran blames the US and the UK

Iran's demonstration to terrorism backed from US and UK

How to destabilize a country and make it falling to chaos?  What happens in Iran, it seems to be a deja-vu that very much looks like the Syrian case in 2011. Legitimized demonstrations infiltrated from foreign intelligence to make Western non-aligned countries falling into chaos and real wars, using trained armed groups supported with weapons, money and international political support.

Translated from the original article in italian published by L’Antidiplomatico

Today – in order to understand better how the Iranian unrest is developing-  the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC) promised to give a “decisive answer” to the armed groups that killed at least 2 commanders during the clashed with the security forces in Zahedan, Sistan South Eastern province and Balochistan’s main city.

Last week, violence erupted on the 30th of September when, according to what was told, armed groups launched an attack against a police station in Zahedan before opening the fire outside a mosque after the Friday prayer.

After the security forces arrived on the spot, the IRGC intelligence commander Ali Mousavi got shot by a bullet, dying later in a hospital. Hours later, even the IRGC brigade general Seyyed Hamidreza Hashemi was killed, after showing “critcal wounds during the clashes with the criminal terrorists”, according to an official statement.

According to the Sistan and Baochistan governor, Hossein Modarres Khiabani, at least 19 people were killed, and many others were wounded during Friday’s clashes.

In a statement, the separatist group Jaish-al-Zulm took responsibility for the Zahedan attack.

Sabreen news published a video showing the consequences of the Zahedan violence episodes, commenting the destruction scenes by saying that “these are not Syria’s streets, it is the disaster that the terrorists brought to the city of Zahedan. They want to transform Iran into Syria, but they will be prevented from doing it”.

The violent clashes are part of what the Iranian intelligence services consider to be US and UK sponsored riots, which are trying to destabilize the Islamic Republic. The unrest started after the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who fell in coma while she was in custody by the police before dying at the hospital some days later.

Amini was arrested by the moral police for the alleged inappropriate use of mandatory Hijab. Depite the majority of the Western medias saying that the girl was “heavily beaten up” from the police, a spread video from Tehran shows that Amini crawled suddenly after talking to a security official in a crowded waiting hall.

Amini’s family criticized the protests, stating that these “do not represent their wishes”.

Iranian intelligence Ministry stressed, in a declaration released last week, that “the main elements behind the riots were, in majority, foreign citizens”, including member of the Anti- Iranian group Mujahidin-e-Khalq organization (MEK).

“In the last days, security forces who maintain the order in the country faced a series of groups similar to sects, agents of other foreign espionage agencies and the direct involving of the United States and the United kingdom governments, including their Saudi followers”, it is possible to read in the statement.

Iranian Intelligence also communicated the custody of at least 49 members of MEK accused of “riots incitement” and 77 separatist groups’ members coming from the Iraqi Kurdistan’s region (IKR).

The IRGC recently conducted airstrikes on the IKR, allegedly targeting “terroristic groups”.

Recently weapons and explosives were confiscated at the borders of the Islamic Republic. During the violent unrest citizens of Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Sweden and the Netherlands were also arrested.

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