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The group of the seven (G7), formed by Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States, released last Sunday a joint statement against Russian military operation in the Ukraine.

The seven nations promised that they will not allow Moscow to win “the war against the Ukraine”, announcing further military and economic support to Kiev. Did they not notice that Russia has the victory already in its hand? Are they perhaps willing to pursue a plan to dismantle both the Western economy and the society? I would maybe say the second option is the most probable.

“Let’s stay united in affirming that President Putin shall not win his war against the Ukraine”, it is written in the joint statement. The document, published on the 8th of May – during which most of the Western nations celebrate the end of World War II in Europe and the victory over Nazism – stresses that the G7 nations must support the Ukraine “in memory of all those who fought for freedom during the Second World War”. If our and our children’s future, like the one of other millions of people, would not be put at risk, we could just joke in front of such a ridiculous communication.

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The G7 even accused president Vladimir Putin to have brought “shame to Russia and its people’s historical sacrifices”, violate “the international order based on rules”. Thus, the opposite’s opposite. Never ending propaganda and lies, directly from the filthy mounts of our leaders who signed and protocoled a shameful document. Those signatures are the seal over their declaration of guilt, of the direct responsibility for what will happen in the future.

The seven world’s leader that took part at Sunday’s summit, together with the Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky, promised to supply the Ukraine with further financial aid to support both its immediate needs and the “long-term recovery and reconstruction”.

Translation: Weapons, weapons and again weapons!

The declaration stresses that 24 billion USD have already been either transferred or promised to the Ukraine from the international community, praising the emergency assistance’s programs launched by the World Bank the International Monetary Fund.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, nowadays in the stage chronicles of the international politics after having shown, during the pandemic, to be a willing aspiring dictator ( did he do it to be elected as a model student by the Young Global Leaders school? Does he do it to make its director Klaus Schwab happy? Poor darling) promised further 50 million USD in military assistance for the Ukraine and stressed that Ottawa will lift temporarily all the commercial tariffs on the Ukrainian imports.

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Further direct military aids have been furthermore promised: “We will continue our military assistance and defense to the Ukrainian’s military and to support the Ukraine in the defense of its network against IT attacks broading our cooperation, even on information’s security”, you can read in the suicidal declaration, without adding further details.

Moreover, the Group of the Seven announced a series of new measures that would limit Russia’s access to the “financial channels and its ability to pursue its goals”, committing themselves to gradually eliminate the “energetic dependence from Russia” and “gradually eliminate or abolish Russian oil imports”, despite no clear deadline was issued.

Another huge nonsense. Maybe the G7 meant that they decided to auto-exclude themselves from the financial channels and from the new opportunities that are arising in Russia, shooting themselves in the foot with the recoil in their teeths.

Other measures include further restriction to Russian banks and its financial sector and personal sanctions against the Russian “élite” and their relatives considered close to Putin or that support him. The seven nations also promised that they would “continue … the efforts to repel the attempts of the Russian regime to spread its propaganda” declaring that the “respectable companies” should not supply “dividends to the Russian regime or its affiliates”. But this is an old story. They are all trying, in all the possible ways, to shut the mouth to true information, first with censorship, then with propaganda.

The truth is that they are old and so are their methods, useful maybe only during the second half of the XXth century. They talk about transhumanism but they keep an agenda at least 50 years old. Stubborn like mules. More than a fourth industrial revolution, it seems we are assisting to a 60’s science fiction movie. Nevertheless, like Abraham Lincoln would say and how everyone loves to say nowadays:

You can make a fool of everyone for sometime and someone forever, but you cannot fool everyone forever”.

Washington released an own statement where it underlines a new round of sanctions against Moscow. The United States added the three main Russian Tv stations – Channel One, Russia 1 and NTV- to their black list, imposing further controls on the exports of the Russian industrial sector, enforcing personal restrictions to more or less 2600 Russian and Belorussian officials that the US accuse to “undermine the Ukrainian sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence”.

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Russia attacked the Ukraine at the end of February, after the latter missed to fulfill the Minsk agreements, signed for the first time in 2014 and Moscow’s recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The protocols, mediated by Germany and France, were created to give the two separatists regions a special status throughout the Ukrainian state.

Since then, the Kremlin asked the Ukraine to officially declare itself as a neutral country that would never join the Nato military alliance led by the United Stated. Kiev insists that the Russian offensive completely lacks of any reasonable motivation denying the fact of trying to retake the two separatist republics by force.

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