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Dozen of Chinese unofficial police stations across the world – four in Italy

china police stations secret across world

Davide Donateo – DatabaseInternational editor

China has introduced dozens of unofficial police stations across the world. According to Safeguard Defenders, a Human rights organization, the “persuasion to return” is an important technique in the frame of a “voluntarily repatriation” activity supported by the Chinese regime and which is divided in two big sections: “Fox Hunt operation” and the broader “Sky Net” campaign.

According to a report published in September by the Human Rights NGO, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has created dozens of unofficial police stations across the whole world (4 of whom in Italy in Milan, Turin, Prato and Rome). China, it is mentioned in the report, is participating to a “long armed police” mission by installing what they have been called the “110 foreign police stations”, named after the Chinese Police emergency number 110.

The Fuzhou city public security office, Fujian province, and the Qingtian county police in the Zhejiang province are the two local police agencies in China that control the 54 Chinese police stations abroad in 30 different countries.

The report proves that between April and July 2021 these police stations were used to “persuade” up to 230.000 Chinese citizen to “voluntarily” go back to China to face penal charges, despite Chinese authorities saying that these stations have only been created to better serve their overseas citizens.

As per what has been said, many of those who were persuaded to come back were Chinese nationals based abroad and involved in telecommunications frauds, however, a certain number of non-suspected and their relatives in China were harassed and threatened by the police.

In a report published in January 2022 Safeguard Defenders examined the Chinese government Sky Net and Fox Hunt operations in December 2021, labeled as successfully after bringing back 10.000 “fugitives” to China from the whole world since 2014, when Fox Hunt was introduced for the first time as part of Xi Jinping anti-corruption campaign.

These operations were focusing on “high value targets”, according to Dahlin. The Safeguard Defenders report states that Sky Net said to be exclusively targeting economic criminals and authorities charged with corruption and concussion crimes. However, Dahlin states that Sky Net also showed how they targeted Human Rights defenders. “The Chinese central police conducts operations against high values targets, while the involved people of crimes of an inferior level like fraud, which are considered to be low value targets, are monitored from the Local Chinese Police”, according to Dahlin.

“The most common method to do it is to persuade them to “voluntarily” return. We also had a certain number of cases where Beijing sent agents – undercover Chinese police agents- in the targeted countries; we have a certain number of people in the US charged for this” he continues.

Dahlin suggested a third option: the kidnappings. He stated that his team found 22 kidnapping cases.

Even if his organization has not identified any kidnapping episode happening in Canada, Dahlin says that the Chinese dictatorship enforce “much more than secret agents’ involvements to intimidate people and that kind of operation” in Canada and the United States.


Peter Dahlin, Safeguard Defender founder, director and co-author of the above mentioned report, states that after his organization’s conclusions were made public, the security police and the concerned governmental organizations in North America and Europe have contacted his office to “sit down and having an informal conversation” about the Chinese operations abroad.

“This means they are obviously aware of this, at least in some countries” said Dahlin to The Epoch Times.

“We have even seen a governmental (Chinese) warning which showed 10 different provinces should start this process on a pilot based operation ”, said Dahlin to The Epoch Times, referring to the press release of the 5th of July 2018, published by the Chinese regime and quoted in the article.

“Thus, we have two kinds of operations that were discovered in the Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. There could be other 8 provinces that could have their own stations. We have not yet been able to track these information. That is why we keep saying that… we believe and we have good reasons to believe, that there are more Chinese police stations abroad”.

The press release refers to the 2018 Chinese State Council “Work plan for the supervision of the special national fight against gang crimes”. According to Chinese state medias, between July and September 2019, Beijing conducted a first round of 1-month long supervisions’ trainings in 10 provinces: Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Chongqing and Sichuan. Another April 2019 report stated, moreover, that the Chinese regime concluded a second training cycle for other 11 provinces, including the Zhejiang province, which hosts the Qingtian police department.

The Canadian example

Quoting Canada, according to Dahlin, at least 3 such stations exist in the country, whose places have been revealed by a Chinese state controlled media, even if he thinks that more not yet discovered non-official Chinese police stations would exist across the country.

Due to the consistency of the Vancouver Chinese diaspora, Dahlin said that it would be “very strange” if the city would not have at least one 110 police station.

Dahlin, questioned about the gravity of China’s international operations, he started that the consequences for Canada are “surely worst than the ones for Europe”.

“Canada hosts a significant Chinese diaspora community, much bigger than the whole European one. Thus, for sure there are much more people in danger in Canada”, he said, adding that Canada, the United States and Australia are the “three big” destinations for Chinese asylum seekers.

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