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BRICS, G7, NATO Summit, US supreme court: where we stand at?

by Filippo Rossi
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The past few days have been full of geopolitical and economic news regarding the war in Ukraine, Nato summit, a new international equilibria and historical developments in the US. What we know.

The world is changing. This is a fact that even the less aware are noticing. The American and Western hegemony is on the brink of collapse and it is only a matter of time before it will become a truth. Amid the economic crisis due to the war in the Ukraine and a most likely gas shortage in the upcoming months in Europe, the Western governments and the NATO are keeping their support relentlessly to the Ukraine. NATO has increased the number of troops ready to intervene in a conflict on European soil whereas more weapons are to be sent to the Eastern frontlines. The words that were heard during the G7 summit in Germany last week, not promising, together with the will expressed by the Atlantic alliance to keep supporting the Ukraine show that the Western leaders do not want to face the reality that sooner or later they will have to admit the defeat against Russia.

In a video, France’s Emmanuel Macron was caught up stating to Joe Biden that UAE and Saudi Arabia are not likely be able to increase their oil production in order to replace Russia’s oil. A big headache to solve for the Powerful Western elite, which is always more under pressure at home. Regarding the gas supply, Europe is always more on the verge of chaos. Turkey has promised to help the “Old continent” but of course, with consequences for the EU politics. In Germany people are starting to be scared. Wooden stoves and ovens are already out of stock in the country amid the government is giving alarming signals. The UK has announced that if needed, they will also close the tap to their continental neighbors.

On the Ukrainian frontlines, sanctions and armed support to the Zelensky regime have not only proved to be counterproductive but they have created an unprecedented international crisis which seems to hit directly only the countries who decided to support these useless moves. People in Europe are feeling the increasing inflation, the costs of living which are becoming a real burden and they still have to welcome Ukrainian refugees who are surviving on taxpayer’s shoulders in name of “peace and support for the victims” (what an hypocrisy if we calculate that European immigration rules are among the most discriminating worldwide, not talk about their “humanitarian” operations in other countries). The wheat crisis is everything but over at the moment. Russia has said to be ready to export it from Ukrainian’s ports with the help of Turkey. However, Ukrainian mines outside the ports are slowing the process.

At the same time, Russia seems to be the winner of the war provoked by the West on every level: its economy is working well again, prices of food and goods seem to have stabilized and the Ruble is showing unprecedented good results agains the USD and the Euro. Not only, but Moscow also paid the Eurobonds, disproving those rumors, which spread last week in the West stating that the country would be insolvent for the first time since the beginning of the 20th century. On the Ukrainian front, Russian troops are advancing in the Donbass region, thousands of unmotivated and weakened Ukrainian troops are surrendering. Even Henry Kissinger, one of the strongmen of the US Deep State, stressed that a victory in the Ukraine is out of reach, opening to a possible agreement over territorial control which, for now, is not confirmed (see next article). The Lithuanian embargo of Kaliningrad might also end soon: a further defeat for NATO allies.

If the West has serious problem in admitting this clear defeat, sticking to its propaganda, last week’s BRICS summit brought to light another epochal change: a new monetary system based on the members’ currencies is going to be introduced. This has been disclosed by Russian President Putin and confirmed by other sources. What is not clear but seems to be a true fact, is that currencies will finally be backed again by gold and silver. The details are still to be disclosed but the fact is that, after this, two more countries, namely Argentina (already suggested in February) and Iran, have officially asked to be part of this powerful alliance which seems always more to be the emerging one and which comprises billions of people compared to the Western block which represent only a little minority of the world’s population. China has officially mocked the German G7 summit, reminding them that the only account for a small percentage of the world’s population: “So next time when they talk about ‘international society,’ you know what they mean…” Zhao Lijang, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said. The BRICS raising together with the deep Western crisis (which will become evident after a few months) paves the road for a new international system and ending the Western hegemony over the world. Some other countries could join, but this is only matter of speculation for the time being.

NATO is playing with fire. The threatening messages of readiness of troops and the alarming messages that the alliance sends to Russia do not seem to be asking for peace. It was also stated by Ibrahim Kalin, Turkish President’s official representative quoted by Gazeta.ru, who in an interview did not justify Russia’s intervention saying he “does not justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”, but “when you look at what has happened over the past 30 years, you have to deal with a causal relationship, this is the actions of the West, and the expansion of NATO”. Turkey is always a key actor in this specific moment. Ankara is showing its power to NATO allies by deciding over the entry of Sweden and Finland becoming a key player in the relations between the West and Russia at the same time. Some rumors are saying that soon Turkey could be part of the BRICS too, but this is only, for the time being, pure speculation.

Eventually, amid all this confusion, the US the supreme court has turned several court decisions based on natural law. A move that has been emotional but that some consider a first step that will change the United States’ politics and bring more changes in the upcoming weeks.

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