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Bill Gates’ new book, into a foolish’s piece of art

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It is interesting and weird at the same time for a few minutes. But gradually you realize he is a fool. His main assumption is wrong and so are his solutions. This is written by the Brownstone Institute quoting Bill Gate’s new book “How to prevent the next pandemic”.

After one year, it is interesting to know that even the Brownstone Institute came to the same conclusion. We already realized it since a while, isn’t it true friends of Database Italia ?

The main point is implicit in the headline. With enough money, cleverness and power, together with a technological know-how, the next incoming pathogen can be stopped at its root. Like a computer virus: it exists but it does not damage the hard-drive.

Which are the historical examples of such a thing that would predict how to avoid the next encounter with a virus? There are not. Tests, contract retracing and human population control. This theory of a virus-control – the idea that locking a full population down would mean weakening a prevalent virus and making it disappear – is a completely new invention. The mechanization of a primitive instinct.

The eradication is not the same thing as the perpetual avoiding of a pathogen. The first is fantastic but the second is deeply dangerous: the only thing which can be more dangerous for human life of the governments is an ingenuous immunity system. Gates’ plan, even if it would have the ability to work, but which it does not, could create exactly this. And not being able to understand the difference is a huge intellectual mistake.

The mistake here is probably stemming out of Gates’ basic confusion. He does not state it in the book but it becomes very clear through the lines that he thinks that a biological virus works exactly like a computer “virus”. He wants to clean the human body like he did for Windows operational system. It is the kind of fundamental mistake that anyone who has been surrounded by sycophants for a long time in his career would commit.

If you understand this basic point of Gates’ way of thinking, you can understand the entire book. Everything that matters is the “avoiding”. According to him, the more avoiding, the better. Something like being too much exempt from a pathogenic exposure does not exist. In his opinion, the only goal of public health should be keeping the population as much far away from germs as possible.

I am sorry to say that the entire book is a mysophobic-based study, more worth to an abnormal psychology student rather than a public health officer or even less a scientist, Brownstone said.

Quotes from Gates’ book

Even though the lockdowns have clear benefits for public health, it is not always clear if in the low-income countries this would be worth the sacrifice. In these places, the economic lockdowns could provoke acute hunger, push people to extreme poverty and increase death due to other causes. If a young adult who spends his day working in the street – as many people do in the low-income countries – Covid will not seem as scary as the likelihood not to have enough food to feed his own family.

The human suffering caused by these separations is literally countless – no one can stick a number to the amount of suffering not being able to a farewell with a close person. But politics saved so many lives that it will be useful to enforce it again if circumstances will require it.

Lockdowns are an excellent example. Proofs are clear and reduce the transmission, and the hardest lockdowns reduce the transmission more than the lighter ones. But they are not equally effective everywhere, since not everyone is able to settle down being forced to stay in a place.

Lockdowns can also be not necessary in places where sickness’s rates are modest. They are more effective in countries where inhabitants have less access to states’ internal affairs, and the government is able to enforce lockdowns and other mandates rigorously. All this means that there is not an ideal mix of NPI that could equally work well everywhere.

Since the NPI are our most important instrument of the first days of an epidemic, this is a good news,. There is no time in the laboratory to implement mask mandates (supposing we are able to supply masks), understand and calculate when to cancel big public events or limit the number of people who can sit in a restaurant.

The pandemic forced us to rethink all of this to the extent of what is reasonable for many activities. Digital alternatives that before were seen as inferior, now they are suddenly considered preferable.

It is surprising how little we know about the “superdiffusors“. What is the role of biology?… There is for sure even a behavioral component… “Superdiffusors” are one of the mysteries when it comes to sickness’s transmissions that need much more studies.

The rapid launch of the PCR tests and the quarantine policies mostly explains why in certain countries, like Australia, they had a dramatically inferior number of infections and death compared to others.

It is difficult to admit why the power to invent things is so central in my world vision, but it is true: we could not be able, ever, to come up with a more effective and cheap way to stop certain respiratory viruses’ transmissions than a piece of cheap material with a couple of straps sewed over it.

The ture benefit comes with the universal mask, where all the people are putting the double mask or by improving the wearing of their surgery masks: risk by exposure is reduced by 96%.

If everyone would have been masked since the beginning…this would have drastically dulled Covid spreading.

Gates’ GERM squad

In my opinion, Brownstone writes, it looks like he’s saying that in an ideal world we would always live with cyclic lockdowns, based on guidance of people owned by him. In facts, he suggests the creation of a new WHO division, with 3.000 employees.


“I call this GERM-Global Epidemic Response and Mobilisation-team, and its people’s duty would be the one of waking up everyday and asking themselves the same questions: “Is the world ready for the next epidemic? What can we do to be better prepared?”. They should be completely paid regularly trained and prepared to engage a coordinated response to the next pandemic threat. The GERM team should have the capacity to declare a pandemic and work with national governments and the World Bank to raise funds to be quickly responsive”.

In case you think that this could help sick people to heal, Gates corrects you: “He will have noticed an obvious activity that is missing among GERM’s tasks: healing patients.”

Read the full article “Chosen Quoting from Bill Gates’ new book” of Jeffrey A. Tucker, founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, HERE.

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