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Russian forces stated that they captured a former Canadian general in Azovstal, Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine. This is the first case that could confirm that below the steel factory hundreds of Western militaries would have been hidden to strongly defend the area with a clear goal, as Database Italy already revealed a few days ago (link below).

During the last days, many news have come from Mariupol, according to which in the famous steel factory Azovstal many Western mercenaries, in connection with Atlantic alliance NATO, would hide and refuse to surrender. According to an article published on the Azeri state owned agency APA (https://apa.az/en/america/russia-captures-commander-of-canadian-army-at-azovstal-375055/), Russian troops would have arrested a former general of the Canadian army, Trevor John Cadieu, at the end of April, who tried to escape many times -unsuccessfully.

The 28th of April, according to what the Canadian media The Star reports, the Donetsk people’s republic militia’s spokesperson Eduard Basurin, stated that a former lieutenant-general of the Canadian Army could be among the 2000 soldiers, both Ukrainian and foreigners, surrounded and hidden in the bunkers below the Azovstal factory. However, according to some medias, Basurin would not have given and concrete proof that Cadieu would be among other 400 foreign soldiers.

Always according to APA, the Canadian general would have tried many times to escape the siege without success. That is why the West would insist so much to create humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians, APA reports.

The Canadian newspaper Ottawa Citizen confirms that Cadieu is retired lieutenant-general officially left the  Canadian Army on the 5th of April and would have left for the Ukraine immediately to defend “the country from the Russian invasion” (https://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/retired-canadian-general-under-police-investigation-for-alleged-sexual-misconduct-is-now-in-ukraine). The general is a war veteran, serving in Bosnia in 1997 and Afghanistan in 2002 and 2006-2007.

The most interesting part, however, is the reason why Cadieu left the army since, according to mainstream media, he was supposed to take the leadership of the entire Canadian Army last September. In facts, an investigation was opened last year against him from an alleged case of sexual violence which would have happened in 1994. The victim, a woman whose name isn’t mentioned, released other details reported by the Ottawa Citizen, saying: “I found shocking that an officer under investigation could leave the country” adding that “The Canadian defense ministry would have hidden his retirement until last Wednesday” (more or less 20 days after its official retirement on the 5th of April).

If the Canadian medias are confirming his departure for the Ukraine, as the Canadian Defense ministry does, it seems very strange that the Russian medias and sources would lie about his identity. We are waiting for more concrete proofs, even though it seems clear what the Azovstal factory has been used fore, as explained in an article of Luca LaBella on Database Italy: https://www.databaseitalia.it/i-laboratori-segreti-della-nato-a-mariupol/.

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