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Amid the imminent end of Nato, a real anti-NWO alliance could arise

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If there is a very important lesson that we are all learning from this conflict, created and pushed by Nato against its sworn enemy, Russia, that is the fact that European Nazism, which has never been truly eradicated, is a threat for every citizen of the free world.

Coup d’états, inventions of new bio-weapons, implementation of radio-frequency based sophisticated arms, non-conventional wars and nazi-propaganda like information.

Nato is an evil organism that is pushing since decades towards the establishment of a New World Order, like the criminal Jacques Attalì, together with his Italian acolytes belonging to the Democratic Party (Partito Democratico), predicted.


A century-long project that now is failing day by day. We could even dare saying that is has already failed. The exposure of these criminals is nothing compared to what will be soon disclosed: not only about what happened in Mariupol and the fake Azovstal steel factories, which are hiding in their depths the evidence of the globalist Deep State’s countless crimes -of which Biden and his son are only the figureheads- but also illegal funding, secret experiments for the destruction of the Masses, organ selling and adrenalized blood. Nato is – something by now clear to many – an organ of dictatorship and genocide that has no longer reason to exist. Like Von Der Leyen’s Europe and the Davos World Economic Forum.

This imminent fall is not only a slogan or a far-away and unrealistic future projection made by some dreamers or awaken souls, but it is an initiative that the Schiller Institute (www.schillerinstitute.com) is pushing forward through a multipolar project that has been launched on the 9th of April, in order to stimulate a new social and security asset among worldwide nations.

“An initiative to inspire leaders with a vision, character, skills, bravery, and dedication to communicate, cooperate, collaborate, and co-create towards unity, justice, democracy, decentralization and human development, keeping in mind their promises instead of subjugating themselves to a money-producers and oligarchs’ rules based international order. It is a matter of life and death to stop the “Doomsday ticking clock” before the stroke of midnight”.

The necessity, as clearly stated by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, to create a new paradigm, unattached from finance’s interests, from a liberticide world order and from that elite who is plotting behind the scenes to destabilize all the democracies on the planet. Such a deep and wide call was it that it has been mentioned on the 21st of April at the BOAO Forum, at least in its principles and goals, by President Xi Jinping, who has officially pushed for a global security initiative to promote everyone’s safety worldwide as reported by many media and outlets. (Cina: Xi propone un’iniziativa di sicurezza globale | ANSA.it ).

Xi Jinping Boao Forum 2022

Xi stated that it is important that: “We keep our commitment towards a vision of a common security, complete, cooperative and sustainable, and that we work together to keep peace and security worldwide; We keep our commitment to respect all the countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, agreeing not to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and supporting the independent choices in matters of developing and social systems made by the people; We keep our commitment in respecting the goals and the principles reported on the United Nations Chart, in refusing a cold-war mentality, in opposing unilateralism and saying no to a group-based politics and block-based clashes; We keep our commitment to take seriously the legitimate security issues of all the countries, in supporting the indivisible-security principle, in building a balanced security architecture, effective and sustainable, and opposing the pursuit of self-security at the expense of other’s; We keep our commitment in solving peacefully differences and controversies between countries through dialogue and consultation, in sustaining all the efforts that would favor a peaceful solution to crisis, in refusing double standards and opposing the excessive use of unilateral sanctions and the “long arm”-style jurisdiction; We keep our commitment in maintaining security in traditional and non-traditional sectors, working together on regional disputes and global challenges like terrorism, climate change, cybersecurity and biosecurity”.

Even the Movisol website of the Associazione Italiana of Lyndon LaRouche, US politician, 8 times US Presidential candidate and one of the first very influential voices to speak out against the international Deep State “plots” (La Beijing Review cita la conferenza dello Schiller Institute per una nuova architettura di sicurezza e sviluppo – MoviSol ), reports an article which appeared on the Beijing Review, the Chinese nationwide weekly in English language, (http://www.bjreview.com/World/202204/t20220418_800282381.html ), giving wide importance to the 9th of April Schiller Institute conference with an article titled “International call for a new security architecture to cope with global issues”. The article, quoting different comments of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Sam Pitroda, the Russian Embassy in Washington Anatoly Antonov, Justin Yifu Lin and Jay Naidoo, stresses that: “Beside the differences on particular details, all the relators agreed that only an international security and development architecture completely different from the one existing can make the necessary procedure tangible”. It also includes Helga-Zepp-LaRouche observation that: “China’s proposal for a coordination between the Belt and Road initiative, the American program Build Back Better World and the UE Global Gateway program could give the base for such a global security architecture. Ukraine, instead of being used as cannon fodder by a geopolitical clash, could be a bridge between Europe and the Eurasian nations”.

“However, even a multipolar world still implies the threat for geopolitical clashes. We need a critical and sudden change to organize our plans. It must start with the honest and explicit awareness that if we will stick to the actual political situation we risk a conflict who will make no winner”.

Then, the fact that President Xi Jinping presented an extraordinarily similar proposal for a “Global security initiative” less than two weeks after the Schiller Institute conference does not surprise us.

The concept is to create a security system for the entire world community based on the 5 principles for a peaceful coexistence and common development stated on the UN Chart. And the need of such an initiative couldn’t be more critical now.

The West has ignored for decades, with arrogance, the security interested considered vital by Russia, paving the road for today Ukraine’s war, which could have been avoided.

To sum it up, as we can assume looking again at the Movisol website  (https://movisol.org/la-proposta-cinese-per-un-sistema-di-sicurezza-globale-riecheggia-quella-di-helga-larouche/ ), among the deafening anti-Putin propaganda on all medias, Washington, London and the main European capitals even gave up claiming to find a solution throughout negotiations. On the contrary, weapons are flocking, while military instructors and money are sent to Ukraine non-stop. Only the US has sent 3.7 billions-worth military aid in the past 2 months. The game is crystal clear: perpetuate the fighting, scarifying the people and the Ukrainian nation forcing Russia to surrender and accept the already failed neoliberal order.

Helga Larouche securty Schiller institute

This indicates, according to Zepp-LaRouche, that Xi Jinping is close to the Leibniz philosophy, whose idea of the “best possible world” finds its roots in the concept of the brave commitment of the human being in solving problems transforming systemic bad in a much better good that improves the universe by taking it to an higher level.

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